Portfolio Design Service (PDS)

  • Have us design your Portfolio
    (One Time Design, and Timely Monitoring)
    (Understand ETF investing in 1 or 2 Sessions)
  • Mix of Normal ETFs & Exotic ETFs*
    (*Smart products for exceptional benefits)
  • Both US & INDIAN Markets
  • We’ll explain you Stock Markets overall in 1 or More sessions.
  • Explain ETFs, Exotic-ETFs, & High-Low Points.
  • Discuss reasonable growth expectations.
  • Suggest a mix of ETFs / Exotic-ETFs (& % allocation), based on your risk-tolerance & long-term goals.
  • Provide regular monitoring & timely updates.
  • Invest in the Exotic-ETFs, EXCLUSIVELY with L2M.

Understand Stock Markets

(ETFs, EXOTIC-ETFs, & High-Low Points)

Access Summary PDFs after
Session Purchases.

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Portfolio Design - Preview

L2M OPTIONS – Rs. 30000 (+ GST) / US $475

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I/We are NOT a registered broker, NOR a registered Financial Advisor, and the consultation provided is for educational & informational purposes only.

I/We have 5+ years of stock market investing experience (2014 onwards), both US & INDIA markets, and our performance & current portfolio is listed on the website.

As part of this PDS (Portfolio Design Service), you will manage & maintain your trading / brokerage account. We will design your portfolio for the long run, provide you knowledge of the smart products, and guide you along the way, via regular monitoring, portfolio allocation alerts, & monthly updates.

  • Prices include GST (as applicable).
  • All sales FINAL / NO REFUNDS.


  • A comprehensive knowledge of the stock markets (once & for all) in 5 simple videos.
  • For DIY investors, Mutual Fund/SIP investors, or seeking knowledge to invest with confidence.
  • Invest in the US markets from India, with a direct US brokerage account (Exotic ETFs & $/Rs benefits).


Learn about US & Indian stock markets in 5 Simple Videos,
from an IIT & Stanford Alum, having 5+ years of market
experience.Learn peace-of-mind or buy-&-forget
investing, and not too much frequent trading, which can
be like a casino, & un-productive.

Global Residents (including Indians), can invest in some of
the smartest, & uber cool EXOTIC-ETFs in the US Markets,
for exceptional long-term gains. L2M exclusive.

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